Sun Valley Group: Hydrangea Untamed

Summer in Arcata, California brings foggy mornings, dry afternoons and chilly evenings, the perfect growing conditions for hydrangea.

Fear Not, Sun Valley Has Your Callas

The market for Callas has been very tight with much consolidation in the industry in the last couple years, but fear not, Sun Valley has you covered.

Astilbe – Heirloom Essence

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Sun Valley Group: Amazing Thought from Jonny Sun

“You ever wish that fireworks were incredibly quiet and also didn’t disappear so quickly and also you could keep them in your home and also you could hold them in your hands?? because if so, I’d love to introduce you to,, Flowers”

“Dutch Lane” Tulip Named After Lane DeVries

Last week at the International Floriculture Exposition in Miami, our own Lane DeVries was surprised with a very special ceremony. A new variety of tulip, bred in Holland, was named in his honor.