SunFed and Verdant Technologies Partner to Deliver Fresher, Greener Cucumbers

March 29, 2023 Verdant™ Technologies

Through its simple and effective application method, HarvestHold Fresh® by Verdant™ Technologies is helping the fresh produce industry reimagine supply chains with longer lasting fruits and vegetables. The company’s latest success has come with cucumbers, where HarvestHold Fresh has shown delayed yellowing and reduced shriveling, resulting in extended shelf life. 

The Fresh CrEd Industry Podcast Live on the Road from International Fresh Produce Association Foodservice Expo

July 25, 2022 SunFed

The Fresh CrEd podcast is taking it on the road for their second “Live From” event at the International Fresh Produce Association Foodservice Expo in Monterey, CA on Friday, July 29 from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm PST.

GrubMarket Expands Further Into Arizona and Texas through the Acquisition of SunFed

March 18, 2022 GrubMarket

GrubMarket announced it has completed the acquisition of Nogales, Arizona-based SunFed, a successful and tech-driven fresh produce company that provides the highest quality fruits, vegetables and dry goods that are produced by growers in over 30 locations, including 15 Mexican regions.

Sunfed Set to Kick Off its Texas Beet Season and Mexican Onion Season

January 31, 2019 SunFed

SunFed will start with Red and Gold Texas beets in early February. Candy Strip beets will be harvested a few weeks later. Depending on movement, we should have beets into May. Our beets are clipped and topped, packed in a 25# poly bag, 50# bags, tote sacks, or 60” bins, for both retail and processor needs.