Summer Citrus Possibilities are Unlimited With Sunkist  

July 13, 2023 Sunkist

As inflation drives a cultural shift in grocery priorities, Sunkist is determined to help price-conscious consumers, especially millennials and Gen-Zs, make healthier choices without compromising taste or budget. 

Sunkist Celebrates 130 Years as a Grower-Owned Cooperative With National Sunkist Citrus Day

February 21, 2023 Sunkist Growers

As farmers, family, and a community, Sunkist Growers is celebrating its humble California roots with Sunkist Citrus Day on March 1. The fresh citrus cooperative began in 1893, making Sunkist the longest-standing agricultural co-op in the United States. Happy 130th Anniversary, Sunkist!

Brighter Bites Partners With Sunkist Citrus Growers

December 29, 2022 Brighter Bites

Brighter Bites, a national nonprofit organization that delivers fresh fruits and vegetables directly into families’ hands, partners with Sunkist, the longest-standing agricultural cooperative in the nation, to help improve the health of students and families in the Bakersfield area.

Sunkist Celebrates the California Summer Orange, New Packaging and Merchandising Program for Valencia Oranges

July 5, 2022 Sunkist Growers

Sunkist Growers launch ‘The Official Orange of American Summers’ campaign to celebrate the exclusive California-grown orange variety this time of year. As part of the program, Sunkist is offering a new 8-pound combo bag and matching display bin spotlighting summertime vibes.

Sunkist Research and Technical Services Launches Next Generation, Citrus Fruit Sorter That’s Powered by Google AI

The sorting and grading of citrus fruit just got a lot easier thanks to the fully-automated Sunsortai® machine, a next-generation sorter from Sunkist Research and Technical Services. The revolutionary new sorter uses Google AI technology to assess the inherent quality of each piece it processes, including any potential defects.