Barry Callebaut publishes Forever Chocolate Progress Report 2018/19

December 4, 2019 Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut announced today that in fiscal year 2018/19 it sourced 47% of the cocoa and 54% of the other ingredients it uses sustainably. This sourcing achievement is highlighted in Barry Callebaut’s Forever Chocolate Progress Report 2018/19, its third progress report since the launch of its Forever Chocolate plan in 2016, tracking the Group’s progress towards making sustainable chocolate the norm.

Sustainability Initiatives in Today’s Meat Industry

According to the 2019 Power of Meat Report, eating meat is still the norm with 86% of shoppers classifying themselves as meat eaters, 5% following a vegetarian or vegan diet and 10% describing their eating style as flexitarian (mostly vegetarian with some animal protein). However, the report finds consumers are becoming conscious of the effects their diet has on the environment.

Smart Approaches to Sustainability in Fresh

Sustainability is a topic of growing importance to consumers, and it needs to be prioritized by leaders in the fresh foods industry. However, this is easier said than done.

Comparing Florverde Sustainable Flowers and GLOBALG.A.P + GRASP

October 28, 2019 Florverde

It is increasingly evident that, in the world of certification standards, new initiatives appear or are being promoted by different markets that aim to become regional or global references.

The Star Group: Wash Your Plastics Down the Drain

October 23, 2019 The Star Group

The Star Group is working with synthetic biology to create a plastic punnet that consumers can put directly into their backyard or balcony composter. The Star Group goal is to create a circular bioeconomy in packaging that enhances the display of fresh produce and is completely sustainable and has zero impact on the environment.