Tops Converts to Sustainable Packaging In Produce

August 4, 2020 Tops Markets

Jeff Cady, director of produce and floral for Tops Friendly Markets decided to take a step back and assess what Tops could be doing differently in order to make a positive impact on the environment.

Food Lion Announces New Sustainability Policies Bolstering Product Labeling and Animal Welfare

July 31, 2020 Food Lion

In its latest move to make its products and packaging more sustainable, Food Lion has announced today new sustainability policies for genetically modified food (GMOs) and farm animal welfare.

Here’s How the Seafood Industry is Cracking Down on Sustainability

The seafood industry is global, and since it survives off the oceans and ecosystems sustain its produce, sustainability plays a big role. Across continents, seafood can power economies — local and nationwide. That impact, however, comes with many unsustainable practices and effects. To fully support global economies, consumer demands and environmental needs, the industry commit to sustainability.

Aramark Announces Executive Diversity Council and Names Ashwani Hanson Chief Diversity & Sustainability Officer

July 17, 2020 Aramark

The Company also announced it has named Ashwani (Ash) Hanson to the new role of Chief Diversity & Sustainability Officer. Hanson is currently Senior Vice President, Human Resources for Aramark’s U.S. Food & Facilities business.

BAP is First Certification Program to Apply for Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative Recognition

The SSCI was launched by the CGF in April 2018 to recognize third-party auditing programs that meet industry expectations on social sustainability and, in the future, environmental sustainability.