Study Shows 69% of U.S. Consumers Demand Verification of Retailer & Brand Claims About Sustainability

January 12, 2023 Marine Stewardship Council

Fairtrade America, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), and the Non-GMO Project have partnered to launch the “Little Labels, Big Impact” campaign to draw attention to third-party certification labels on food products that help build more sustainable and resilient food systems for people and the planet. Nearly 70% of American seafood consumers demand that retailers’ and brands’ claims about sustainability and the environment be clearly labeled and third-party verified (GlobeScan 2023).

Landmark Floral Marketing Fund Study Exploring Consumer Perceptions of Floral Industry Sustainability Co-sponsored by BloomNet and Syndicate Sales

January 2, 2023 Floral Marketing Fund

A new research study, “Consumer Perceptions & Willingness to Pay for Sustainable Environmental Practices in the Floral Industry,” has launched under the direction of the Floral Marketing Fund (FMF) through researchers at Mississippi State University (MSU) and the Texas State University (TSU).

JBS Goes Up in CDP Global Sustainability Ranking

December 30, 2022 JBS

JBS, the world’s largest food company, improved its performance in the CDP 2022 Climate Change Report, the largest and most respected global platform for corporate sustainability information.  In this year’s ranking, which has just been released, the institution raised the Company’s score from B to A- in Climate Change, above the average score (C) for food and beverage companies.

Sustainable Aquaculture Pioneer Forever Oceans Completes Environmental Footprint Assessment

December 22, 2022 Forever Oceans

Cutting edge, deep-water aquaculture company Forever Oceans today announced results of an environmental assessment conducted by the global conservation organization The Nature Conservancy (TNC). Forever Oceans, which has developed its offshore operations to not only be scalable but more sustainable than other forms of marine finfish aquaculture, is currently raising Kanpachi off the West coast of Panama and selling product in the United States.

Dole Releases 2022 Sustainability Report, Outlining Its Sustainability Strategy and 2030 Goals

December 22, 2022 Dole plc

Dole plc announced today the release of its first sustainability report since the 2021 merger of Total Produce plc and Dole Food Company. Building on its historical achievements, this report sets out the organization’s refreshed sustainability framework and offers a new set of environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals through 2030.