Bear Grylls Has Joined the GOODFISH Countercurrent

August 26, 2021 GOODFISH

One of the world’s most widely known faces of survival and outdoor adventure Bear Grylls has joined Justin Guilbert, Douglas Riboud, and Errol Schweizer at GOODFISH, the brand that developed and delivered a whole new category of sustainable seafood. The Emmy-award nominee and star of National Geographic’s “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” and Discovery Channel’s “Man vs. Wild” is on a mission to help GOODFISH spread education and awareness of preserving the ocean’s vital fisheries and ecosystems.

New Partnership Aims to Increase Access to Sustainable Seafood

June 29, 2021 FishChoice

In a first-of-its-kind partnership announced today, the sustainable seafood nonprofit FishChoice and leading Mexican seafood industry trade group COMEPESCA are collaborating to increase access for North American buyers that seek to source sustainable seafood from Mexico and to support Mexican seafood producers that prioritize sustainability.

D’Artagnan Makes a Splash with New Sustainable Seafood Selection

June 3, 2021 D’Artagnan

D’Artagnan, the trusted expert in sustainable proteins and the purveyor of choice to top chefs across the nation for the last 35+ years, has taken a dive into the waters of sustainable seafood. This expansion is in direct response to consumer’s growing culinary sophistication and interest in responsibly sourced proteins being conveniently delivered to their homes.

Friend of the Sea Reaffirms Season Brands’ Certification for Sustainable Seafood Products

May 17, 2021 Friend of the Sea

Friend of the Sea, the global certification standard for products and services that respect and protect the marine environment, is pleased to renew Season Brand’s certification, proving their enduring commitment to sustainable practices in the production of its seafood products.

Conservation Alliance 2.0: the Now 80-strong Sustainable Seafood Coalition Now Poised for Even Greater Impact

The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions (the Alliance) is a collective impact initiative that seeks to drive alignment between NGOs, businesses, scientists, seafood experts, and governments around the world that are working to improve the sustainability and responsibility of seafood supply chains. This month, the Alliance is celebrating big changes to both its membership and leadership bodies.