Wada Farms Marketing Group Announces New Additions to National Sales Team

March 24, 2021 Wada Farms

Wada Farms Marketing Group announces new hires in the company’s National Sales and Marketing Team. Industry veterans Stephanie Bench, Susi Torigain, and Fran Torigian have joined Wada Farms to further develop and diversify Wada’s ever expanding commodity portfolio.

Grimmway to Ship New Crop Cal-Organic Dry Onions & Seasonal Sweet Corn

May 6, 2020 Grimmway Farms

Next week Cal-Organic Farms, the nation’s largest producer of organic vegetables, will start shipping freshly-harvested, new crop yellow, red and white onions from their facility in Lamont, CA.

A Summer Favorite: Sweet Corn From Morning Kiss Organic

July 2, 2019 Morning Kiss Organic

Morning Kiss Organic is serving up sweet corn, a summertime favorite. Partnering with growers throughout New England and the East Coast, Morning Kiss Organic will begin shipping sweet corn in late July.

Warmer Temperatures Mark the Start of Sweet Corn Season in California

April 15, 2019 Van Groningen & Sons

As temperatures climb well into the 80’s and 90’s, we can tell spring is here & summer is right around the corner. Grilling season is fast approaching and with that, California sweet corn is ready to make its debut come mid-April!