North American Importers Seek Approval of Systems Approach from the US Government

With the 2023-24 Chilean table grape season starting in November, Chilean grape importers from across the U.S. are urgently requesting the U.S. authorities to accelerate the authorization of a Systems Approach, which would allow the entry of Chilean grapes into the U.S. without fumigation.

BLOOM FRESH Technical Team Helps Growers Worldwide Prepare for Table Grape Harvest During El Niño 2023 

November 2, 2023 BLOOM FRESH

BLOOM FRESH™, the world’s largest premium fruit-breeding company specializing in table grapes, cherries, and raisins, is taking proactive measures to safeguard table grape production as El Niño threatens vineyards across the globe. El Niño’s effects vary, bringing extreme heat to some regions while inundating others with heavy rainfall, making it essential to adapt growing tactics accordingly.

Candy Snaps Season Extended and Flavorful Excitement Continues with BLOOM FRESH’s New Variety

September 14, 2023 BLOOM FRESH International

BLOOM FRESH International (BLOOM FRESH), the world’s largest premium fruit-breeding company, created by the merger of SNFL Group (Special New Fruit Licensing) and International Fruit Genetics, LLC (IFG), is pleased to unveil the latest addition to its acclaimed Candy Snaps™ line. The newly patented table grape varietal, known as IFG Forty-one,  will enhance the Candy Snaps™ experience by extending its availability in retail stores for several additional weeks during the early to mid-summer season.

Laut Farms Launches Latest Grape Harvest for the Season

August 24, 2023 Laut Farms

Located in Arvin, California, Laut Farms, a renowned table grape grower, is gearing up for its latest shipping season. The company, known for its exceptional range of red, black, and green grape varieties, has been a notable player in the grape industry for over 46 years.

DJ Forry Announces Table Grape University

August 16, 2023 DJ Forry

DJ Forry rolls out the first Table Grape University designed to help educate store level produce teams on how California table grapes are grown.