Hottest Chocolate Trends for 2023

August 4, 2022 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

Taste Tomorrow is the world’s largest ecosystem for consumer understanding in the chocolate, patisserie and bakery sectors. Always-on tracking of local and global consumer behaviors, attitudes and choices provides us with valuable, in-depth insights. In this article, Taste Tomorrow focuses on three trends for chocolatiers that will be essential in 2023. 

Veg-Based Patisserie: These 4 Factors Drive its Popularity

February 15, 2022 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

In spring 2021 Taste Tomorrow data revealed that vegetable-based sweet patisserie was trending online. And in the most recent Taste Tomorrow data, veg-based patisserie turns out to still be the most striking trend globally. There seem to be 4 key drivers behind this trend. Discover why veg-based sweet patisserie is so popular and get inspired by some deliciously-looking examples.

How the Growing Consciousness Around Gut Health Impacts the Bakery Sector

June 17, 2021 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

The new research data from Taste Tomorrow, the world’s largest ecosystem for consumer understanding in bakery, patisserie and chocolate, shows that consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy digestion and intestinal flora.

7 X Inspiring and Sustainable Packaging Ideas For Takeaway and Delivery

January 14, 2021 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

The number of delivery and takeaway concepts has gone through the roof this year. Many restaurants, cafés, bakeries and other food stores that got hit by the lockdowns decided to add takeaway and/or delivery to their service to survive the crisis.

5 Cool Drive-Through Concepts in Bakery, Patisserie and Chocolate

January 11, 2021 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

Many companies were forced to rethink their business model due to the coronavirus outbreak. Sit-in options were replaced by takeaway and home delivery. And another trend emerged, following America’s example: the set-up of the drive-through, where customers can collect their purchases safely from their car.