3 X Concepts That Preserve and Radiate Freshness

September 26, 2019 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

For many consumers, a product’s freshness defines its quality. They use all their senses to determine how fresh a product is. Does it smell, look and feel fresh? They also look at the expiry date. All this information impacts how they perceive the product’s quality and whether they decide to buy it or not. These three concepts know exactly how to meet those expectations.

Taste is Crucial When Buying Bread, Patisserie and Chocolate

July 22, 2019 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

Where in 2015 consumers still said freshness was the most important reason, the Taste Tomorrow survey of 2019 revealed that for many consumers, taste is now the most crucial factor in the decision-making process when buying baked goods.

Detecting Global Consumer Trends in Bakery, Patisserie and Chocolate to Inspire Innovation

July 18, 2019 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

Investing heavily in detailed consumer insights can help business-to-business companies become even more successful. If you want to innovate and differentiate yourself on the market there is nothing more important than understanding consumer trends and the evolution of consumer behaviour.

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Portland’s Precious Baked Good Concepts

December 27, 2018 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

Keep Portland weird. That’s the inspiring motto of this green and bustling city. Voted one of America’s best food cities by the Washington Post in 2015, Portland offers farm-to-table dining, craft beers, wine and over 600 innovative food carts.