The Words That Can’t Be Spoken: Who is Buying Product Not in Compliance With Leafy Greens Metrics? Where are the Industry Leaders Stepping Up to Solve This Problem? Tightening Water Metrics is Great — But Not Enough. Eliminating the 1% From Commercial Trade is a Financial and Moral Obligation

The California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement announced they would be tightening metrics related to surface water used for overhead irrigation in response to the food safety issues of 2018. Taylor Farms announced it would only source product from growers who perform on-site treatment of water used in overhead irrigation. These are both very positive steps for the industry and real signs of leadership. But in reading the LGMA release, we couldn’t help but be drawn to the missing 1%. It is obvious that even the 1% of non-compliance is a risk too large for the industry to take.

Taylor Farms Committed to Heightened Water Standards

March 27, 2019 Taylor Farms California

Taylor Farms is committing to source product from Leafy Green Growers who take this additional step to treat water coming from and/or distributed through open sources prior to use in overhead irrigation. Starting May 1, 2019, Taylor Farms is committed to only source leafy green products which are grown in conformance with the heightened water standards mentioned above.