Texas Says Shucks, Let’s Give Oyster Growing a Try

Wild oyster populations are struggling in Texas waters, so state officials want to let people start growing the mollusks off the coast.

Maroon-Colored, ‘Aggie Brand’ Oysters Coming to Texas Tables? Maybe

Researchers with the Texas A&M University System say they have created an entirely new and sustainable industry for the Texas coast after artificially spawning oysters in a lab for the first time in 27 years.

Mariculture, Reef Restoration Offer Solutions to Texas’s Oyster Problem

Oysters do a lot for the Texas Coast – filter water, provide storm protection, sequester carbon and make for good eating, but the reefs are continuously disappearing.

Texas Muscles in on Oyster Farming

Texas has a new industry. Oyster farming will be legal in Texas as of September 1 now that Gov. Greg Abbott has signed House Bill 1300 into law. The bill by Coastal Bend Rep. Todd Hunter (R-Corpus Christi), includes Texas in a growing industry that state law historically prohibited. Texas was the only coastal state in the United States that did not allow oyster farming.

Texas Supreme Court Ruling Keeps Oysters Under State Control

A storm that brewed in Galveston Bay for the past four-years over the ownership of Texas oyster production rights has finally subsided. A Texas Supreme Court ruling and new legislation has effectively shuddered the Chamber-Liberty Counties Navigation District (CLCND) claim to lease submerged bottomland to Sustainable Texas Oyster Resource Management (STORM) for the purpose of growing oysters.