Pansies Named Newest Texas Superstar

The newest Texas Superstar plant – the pansy – is a versatile, tough, durable cold-hardy ornamental that provides color during an otherwise drab time of year.

Tangerine Beauty Crossvine Named New Texas Superstar

Tangerine Beauty crossvine, a native Texas vine with showy trumpet-shaped blooms and evergreen foliage, has been named the newest Texas Superstar plant.

Ornamental Sweet Potatoes Named Newest Texas Superstar

Ornamental sweet potatoes, a popular cover option in landscape bedding and container mixes for years, have been named the latest Texas Superstar.

Gorizia Rosemary, AKA Barbecue Skewers, Newest Texas Superstar

June 17, 2021 Texas A&M AgriLife Today

Gorizia rosemary, nicknamed Barbecue Skewers rosemary by Texas A&M AgriLife horticulturists, has been named the newest Texas Superstar selection for its edible and ornamental characteristics and ability to perform well across the state.

New Texas Superstar Brochure Updates Highlighted Plants

June 30, 2020 Texas A&M AgriLife Today

The new Texas Superstar guide to strong and stunning plants for Texans, created by Texas A&M AgriLife Research, the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and the Texas Department of Agriculture, is now being distributed throughout the state.