That Flower Feeling Foundation Expands Support Network and Recognizes Ongoing Contributions

May 20, 2024 That Flower Feeling

The That Flower Feeling Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of new supporters and the continued dedication of existing contributors, advancing its mission to share the joy of flowers worldwide.

That Flower Feeling Marketing Committee Members Announced

April 30, 2024 That Flower Feeling

With a mission to increase per-capita consumption of flowers in the United States through a media campaign, the brand expanded its influence in 2024 by creating a marketing committee. The committee began meeting in early April and has already started working at improving the marketing for the campaign.

That Flower Feeling Announces Release of New Floral Marketing Assets for Industry Partners

April 18, 2024 That Flower Feeling

That Flower Feeling is excited to announce the release of new floral marketing assets designed by their internal staff members. These fresh promotional materials are specifically crafted to highlight the appeal of flowers for self-care purposes, providing industry stakeholders with innovative and effective tools to engage their audiences.

That Flower Feeling Appoints Advisory Board Members

March 5, 2024 CalFlowers

CalFlowers introduces the eight individuals forming the inaugural Advisory Board for their “That Flower Feeling” initiative.

That Flower Feeling Thanks Miley Cyrus for Being the Unofficial Ambassador for Flowers

March 31, 2023 CalFlowers

When Miley Cyrus unintentionally captures your brand purpose in a song, there’s only one thing that can be done: thank her for the selfless act and make her your unofficial ambassador.