Organics Unlimited Set to Celebrate 16th Annual GROW Month

September 2, 2021 Organics Unlimited

Organics Unlimited, San Diego-based grower and distributor of organic tropical fruit, will celebrate its 16th annual GROW Month starting on September 1, 2021. 

WP Produce Partners with The Produce Moms to Promote Desbry Tropical Avocados Providing Consumer Education and Retailer Support

October 7, 2020 WP Produce

Tropical Avocados are well-known and enjoyed throughout the Caribbean and many parts of the world, but are just beginning to gain a stronghold in the United States, where market growth of the more common Hass variety has made avocados a top-10 fruit crop.

Society For Nutrition Education and Behavior 2020 Annual Conference Features Produce in the Conversation With the Produce Moms and Brighter Bites

The theme for this year’s conference was “What Food Future”, and Brighter Bites and The Produce Moms were part of the Healthy Children and Youth Sessions: Combining new educational strategies with improvements to child nutrition programs to help preschoolers through college students obtain and sustain health.

Crunch Pak Innovation for 2020 Includes Co-Branding With The Produce Moms

January 10, 2020 Crunch Pak

CRUNCH PAK®, the sliced apple specialist and THE PRODUCE MOMS® have taken their partnership to a new level by co-branding CRUNCH PAK sliced apple bags with THE PRODUCE MOMS logo.

Brighter Bites and The Produce Moms Announce Partnership

A little more than a year ago, The Produce Moms® (TPM) launched their now popular podcast. This week, The Produce Moms and Brighter Bites announced their newly formed alignment with the podcast’s 75th episode featuring Lori Taylor, CEO & founder of The Produce Moms interviewing Rich Dachman, CEO of Brighter Bites, and discussing the focus and importance of the partnership from the perspective of both organizations.