Nirit Seeds and TomaTech Acquired and Merged at a Value of Over $60M

January 6, 2022 TomaTech

Nirit Seeds and TomaTech specialize in breeding vegetable seeds, primarily tomatoes. AP Partners Fund, a leading Israeli private equity fund, and Discount Capital (an investment house) acquired the two companies at a value of over $60 million with the aim of merging them and creating the largest Israeli vegetable breeding seeds company. The new company will benefit from significant synergies and unique R&D capabilities that will drive accelerated growth in the global vegetables markets.

TomaTech Cracks the Code for ToBRFV-Resistant Tomatoes

May 10, 2021 TomaTech

Lead by Assaf Eybishitz PhD, the company furthered the fight against this pandemic of the tomato world by filing for a provisional patent for identifying the DNA markers correlated to its resistant traits which will accelerate the breeding and commercialization of high resistance non-GMO tomato varieties.