Newton Orchards, Key Western Australian Apple Orchard, Deploys DiMuto Solution to Strengthen Brand with Local Farm to Fork Traceability Story

November 17, 2020 DiMuto

DiMuto, a trade technology solutions platform that provides end-to-end supply chain visibility for global agri-food businesses, has partnered with Newton Orchards to commence its produce traceability and marketing solutions for Newton Orchards produce, beginning with the Pink Lady apples this season.

Oceana Canada Report Reveals the Hidden Consequences of Canada’s Opaque Seafood Supply Chains

November 6, 2020 Oceana Canada

A report featuring new data from leading fisheries economists released today by Oceana Canada reveals that Canada’s weak seafood supply chain traceability standards are resulting in annual losses of up to $ 93.8 million in tax revenue and up to $ 379 million in revenue for Canadian seafood industry workers.

FDA to Hold Public Meetings to Discuss the Requirements for Additional Traceability Records for Certain Foods: Proposed Rule

October 15, 2020 FDA

The purpose of the public meetings is to discuss the proposed rule, which was issued under the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. These public meetings are intended to facilitate and support the public’s evaluation and commenting process on the proposed rule.

FDA Proposes Additional Food Traceability Requirements

September 30, 2020 AIB International

Does your operation produce or use ingredients like cheese, shell eggs, nut butter, various produce, fin fish, and ready-to-eat deli salads? If so, these and other ingredients are listed on proposed regulation that was released on Sept. 21 by The FDA with the goal of establishing additional traceability recordkeeping requirements for operations that manufacture, process, pack, or hold these and other ingredients.

National Fisheries Institute Statement on FDA Food Traceability Proposed Rule

September 22, 2020 National Fisheries Institute

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released its proposed rule for traceability and recordkeeping, along with a draft “Food Traceability List” that catalogues which products would be subject to the requirements.