Better Traceability Could Boost Global Seafood Profits by 60%, Finds Planet Tracker

September 29, 2022 Planet Tracker

An investment of just 1% of the global seafood industry’s revenue into improved traceability could increase total profitability by 60%, according to Planet Tracker’s latest report, How to Trace $600 billion.

A Big Picture Approach to Cocoa Traceability

September 13, 2022 Barry Callebaut

Traceability to farm level, knowing where the cocoa we source is grown, plays a crucial role in addressing some of the structural sustainability issues in the cocoa supply chain.

National Grocers Association Names ReposiTrak as its Exclusive Traceability and Compliance Partner

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) will impose additional technical, financial and operational burdens on food retailers when Section 204 of the law is published, pursuant to a court order, this November. Specifically, retailers, wholesalers and their trading partners will need to maintain records of every movement of several fresh product categories from the point of origin to the point of sale to the consumer. This will have the impact of changing the way every food store and distribution center in the country records the delivery of shipments.

The New Federal Food Traceability Rule is Just Three Months Away

August 17, 2022 SIMBA Solutions

The rule requires a detailed account of food origins and movements throughout production, processing and shipping, even as these foods are transformed into other food products, or as other foods are added to them. This poses special challenges, as many foods trace back through multiple processing stages, each adding to traceability challenges.

Certifying Traceability, a Crucial Step Towards Sustainability in the Seafood Industry

July 11, 2022 Friend of the Sea

anish fish giant, Ricardo Fuentes e Hijos Comercializadora, receives the Friend of the Sea certification standard in a move that brings more transparency to the sector’s supply chains.