Announcing New Feature of SIMBA Solutions that Keeps Broken Lots Traceable

June 23, 2022  Dynamic Systems

Dynamic Systems, Inc., a Kirkland, Washington software developer specializing in solutions for Seafood and Meat Processors, launches a new feature for SIMBA. The application provides complete traceability of all broken lots.

Walton Family Foundation Urges Action on Seafood Traceability Ahead of World Oceans Day

A new Morning Consult poll commissioned by the Walton Family Foundation shows a majority of Americans (70%) want their seafood to be sourced sustainably and that Americans want to know where their food is processed (65%), an important step in ensuring seafood is sourced by companies with high environmental and human rights standards.

USDA Study Aims to Facilitate Traceability During Foodborne Outbreak Investigations

April 8, 2022 USDA ARS

Scientists with the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) aim to enhance the capacity of regulatory agencies to trace Escherichia coli (E. coli) O157:H7 back to its source during a foodborne outbreak investigation by studying how the DNA of a specific population of this bacterium gradually evolves within its natural environment. 

Suppliers, Retailers and Others Call for Improved Seafood Traceability Standards in Canada

March 31, 2022 Global Seafood Alliance

A group of 26 grocery chains, seafood industry stakeholders and experts is calling on the Canadian federal government to create “robust” traceability standards for all seafood sold in Canada.

Natural & Organic Wholesale Food Distributor Ace Natural Enters Into Partnership With Producers Market to Scale Product Traceability Tools

February 17, 2022 Producers Market

Ace Natural, a pioneer in organic distribution in New York, has entered into a corporate partnership with Producers Market, a global digital marketplace, to scale access by food service providers and retailers’ to traceable and transparent organic products from source to consumer using digital technology applications.