Trader Joe’s Vegan Feta Cheese Has Shoppers Excited

October 13, 2021 AIMEE LAMOUREUX, Mashed

Trader Joe’s has a wide variety of vegan products (via Well+Good), and one in particular recently grabbed fans’ attention.

Trader Joe’s Fans Can’t Stop Talking About This Spicy New Irish Cheddar

July 27, 2021  EMILY WEAVER, Mashed

Trader Joe’s recently announced their pick for July’s Spotlight Cheese: the sharp, fiery child of the well-known dairy brand Kerrygold.

Trader Joe’s Just Announced Its New ‘Garlic Bread Cheese’ — and Customers Are Obsessed

July 2, 2021 Leah Goggins, Yahoo

There’s nothing like a fresh piece of cheesy garlic bread—the crunchy crust, the fragrant garlic, the spicy-but-sweet marinara on the side. Trader Joe’s is bringing that savory magic to a brand new gluten-free treat: Garlic Bread Cheese.

Trader Joe’s Looks to Release Plant-Based Seafood in Near Future

January 20, 2021 The Beet

The company has hit the mark on plant-based substitutes for nearly every kind of animal protein, including turkeyless and beefless patties, Mandarin “chicken” morsels, chickenless crispy tenders, meatless breakfast patties, soy chorizo, and more.

Cultural Sensitivity Shaming Strikes Trader Joe’s

A high-school senior has claimed that Trader Joe’s was an exemplar of cultural exploitation because it markets many ethnic products under trade names such as Trader José for Mexican foods or Trader Ming’s for Chinese food.