Selecta One Debuts New Spring Annuals + Trixi Catalog 2021/2022

May 13, 2021 Selecta One

The desire to garden, do it yourself and beautify your own home is greater than ever before! Gardening time is bed and balcony planting time. Plan now for the coming year so that it will be just as colourful as this one!

Selecta One Announces New Trixi Catalog 2019/2020

June 28, 2019 Selecta One

Why decide on one variety, when you can have three in one? With our Trixi® you get three varieties in only one young plant!The result is a high-quality and colourful product in a perfect colour mixture – right from the beginning! All combinations are ideal for pot production.
Trixi® means easy going for everyone! Our tried-and-tested mixes can be cultivated quickly and successfully and provide an excellent product, which fascinates the retail and the consumers.