Floriforum 2019: Join the Conversation on ‘Customer Dynamics’

August 2, 2019 Union Fleurs

Do you know how buyers and consumers make their decision? How can the unconscious mind influence commercial relations and purchasing behaviours? And why getting a better grasp on customer dynamics is highly relevant to the floriculture supply-chain?

Special Edition of the Union Fleurs Media Review for Valentine’s Day 2019: a Conscious Valentine

March 29, 2019 Union Fleurs

Every year on Valentine’s Day the topic of flowers is picked up by the media and we see a surge in all types of articles related to Valentine’s Day and the flower industry. This year again, Union Fleurs has compiled the most relevant ones in a Valentine’s Day special edition of its Media Review to offer Union Fleurs members a worldwide overview of what has been said about flowers on this special holiday.

Flowers of Colombia Promotes Beauty and Diversity of Colombian Flowers With “Flower Tribute Tour” Initiative

February 25, 2019 Union Fleurs

This unique initiative, which aims to demonstrate that Colombian flowers can easily be incorporated in the different cultures of consumers, translates the purpose of Asocolflores to take advantage of the diversity of varieties, people and styles of Colombia and offer them to the world. The United Kingdom and Japan were the first beneficiary countries, paying tribute respectively to the diversity of English rock and Japanese women.

Union Fleurs Autumn Meeting: Focusing on Priorities and Activities for the 2018-2020 Period

February 8, 2019 Union Fleurs

Union Fleurs members gathered at IFTF in Vijfhuizen in the morning of 6 November prior to the International Floriculture Forum and caught up on a number of internal and external priorities for the association. The updated strategic & communication plan for the upcoming period 2018-2020 prepared with the new Union Fleurs board was presented and discussed with members, looking in particular at strengthening European membership and initiating focused activities for the pot plant segment.

International Floriculture Forum 2018: a Conversation Worth Having

February 4, 2019 Union Fleurs

Over 200 representatives of the various segments of the international floriculture supply-chain gathered in the IFTF auditorium in Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands on 6 November afternoon, on the eve of the opening of the IFTF trade fair for the first edition of the International Floriculture Forum. The event was organised by Union Fleurs in cooperation with HPP exhibitions and Hortipoint.