United Apple Orchards Double EverCrisp Production to Keep Pace With Consumer Demand

March 9, 2020 United Apple Sales

EverCrisp®, originally developed by The Midwest Apple Improvement Association, and planted by leading growers like United Apple Sales, (United Apple) is building momentum and becoming a consumer favorite.

United Apple Sales Extends Ruby Frost Season With Strategic Planning, Domestic and Expanded Export Programs Benefit

May 15, 2019 United Apple Sales

United Apple Sales has developed a strategic approach to managing inventories and its Controlled Atmosphere (CA) program to give retail partners a distinct market advantage with Ruby Frost late in the season. Ward Dobbins, fourth generation grower and owner of United Apple Sales, said it is easy to load the system with fruit and then quickly run through inventory in a short period but that doesn’t really help retailers.

Late Season Variety EverCrisp Lives Up To Promises; Fits Retailers’ Need for Unique Winter Apple

March 15, 2019 United Apple Sales

The Midwest Apple Improvement Association (Newcomerstown,OH) has developed EverCrisp®, a cross between Honeycrisp and Fuji, and worked with a select group of growers like United Apple Sales (Lyndonville, NY) to commercialize the variety and bring something new to retailers at a time when apple sales typically slow down.