Path to Purchasing for Garden Center Consumers In-Store and Online

January 21, 2022 Floral Marketing Fund

The Floral Marketing Fund (FMF), in partnership with the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre and the University of Guelph, are presenting the final results from a new study on consumers’ perceived value of nursery plants – focusing specifically on garden center consumers in both the US and Canada. The findings are being presented through an upcoming webinar on January 27th and the final report.

The Secret to Frothy Latte Starts With How Milk is Handled on the Farm

October 8, 2020 CBC News

Sometimes, milk doesn’t froth up, and new research from the University of Guelph links the ability to get lots of bubbles in milk back to how it is handled on the farm.

GoodLeaf Farms is Bringing Local Greens to Ontario Year Round

September 17, 2020 GoodLeaf Farms

The revolutionary GoodLeaf Farms’ 4,000-square-metre indoor vertical farm is now fully operational.

Canada 2020 Food Price Report Finds Imported Produce Driving Up Canadians’ Grocery Bills

December 20, 2019 University of Guelph

Canadian families can expect to fork out $487 more on food this year. Rising meat, produce and seafood prices are to blame according to the 2020 Canada’s Food Price Report.

Fish Mislabeling Occurs All Along Supply Chain, Study Reveals

February 11, 2019 Joe Pavia, CBC News

Seafood lovers may be fishing for answers after a study by University of Guelph researchers suggests fish is being mislabeled at more than one point in Canada’s supply chain.