Specialized Stores Serving WIC Customers in California Improve Food Access Without Raising Food Costs

In California, the largest State WIC program, A50 stores play a significant role in the program, redeeming one-third of the value of the State’s WIC benefits in 2012.

Factors Impacting Grocery Store Deflation: A Closer Look at Prices in 2016 and 2017

An analysis of the recent drop in grocery prices, their effects on the overall food economy, and how they may affect future food-at-home price inflation for consumers.

Grocery Store Prices Rose for the First Time in 3 Years in 2018

March 15, 2019 Annemarie Kuhns, USDA ERS

Food, on average, is the third largest consumer spending category behind housing and transportation, and rising food prices can have a significant effect on consumers’ pocketbooks. Fluctuations in food prices may trigger changes in the foods consumers buy, and these demand shifts have implications throughout the U.S. food system—from the farmer to the grocery store and restaurant.