Hillcrest Foods Leans on VAI’s S2K Enterprise for Food to Streamline Route Management and Improve Transparency in the Supply Chain

December 4, 2019 VAI

VAI, a leading ERP software developer, and Hillcrest Foods, Inc., a leading wholesale distributor of bakery ingredients, dairy products, and specialty items, are working together to streamline warehouse operations and process and track day-to-day financial transactions. By leveraging VAI’s cloud-based S2K Enterprise for Food solution, Hillcrest Foods has improved visibility into its supply chain, enabling the company to maintain inventory control throughout its warehouse.

Inter-County Bakers Adds VAI Mobile, Analytics, and Smart Center to its S2K ERP Solutions Suite

November 6, 2019 VAI

Utilizing S2K applications such as S2K Analytics and S2K Mobile, Inter-County Bakers is well equipped to meet the upcoming holiday season with technical tools to satisfy their customer demands and increase profits.