Floricultura Focuses On Long Vase Life Phalaenopsis Varieties

January 25, 2023 Floricultura

Floricultura is set to showcase a large selection of its long vase life Phalaenopsis varieties at IPM Essen, Germany. A vase life (or shelf life) of 110 days is becoming more standard in the industry, and by offering these varieties, the breeding and propagation specialist is catering for the ever-increasing demand for houseplants with longer shelf life.

Effects of FloraLife Shield Ultra on Cut Rose Opening, Color Vibrancy, and Vase Life

October 26, 2022 FloraLife

FloraLife® Shield Ultra is a postharvest dip or spray product designed to protect cut flowers from adverse conditions as they travel from farms to the end consumer. FloraLife® Shield Ultra is engineered to maintain the quality and consistency of cut flowers throughout the distribution chain. It is a concentrated product which results in less water usage, packaging, transport, and reduced waste.

Peony Hydration Prior to Storage and Shipping Increases Vase Life

Cut peony production reached nearly 140 million stems annually in 2019, with production occurring in 20 countries (Kamenetsky-Goldstein and Yu, 2022). The large flowers, diversity of flower color and characteristics, and the high value per stem contribute to its popularity. Peony availability is no longer dependent on the local season as production occurs from southern Chile to Alaska, providing availability nearly year-round.