Danish Startup Leverages Dairy Industry Know-How to Make Realistic Vegan Cheese

March 22, 2023 NICOLE AXWORTHY, VegNews

Danish food technology startup FÆRM is combining traditional cheese-making techniques with food science to make the next generation of vegan cheese. The company says this combination of know-how results in dairy-free cheeses that aren’t affected in flavor or don’t have additives or starches to achieve the traditional colors and textures of dairy cheese.

Abillion Announces The World’s 10 Best Vegan Cheese Awards 2022, Rated by Consumers Around the World On the Abillion App

September 27, 2022 Abillion

abillion, the global consumer review platform focused on sustainability, has released the World’s 10 Best Vegan Cheese Awards 2022. The company’s awards are based on more than 2 million consumer reviews of vegan products on the abillion app.

For National Pizza Day, Chefs and Restaurateurs Give High Praise to Pleese Foods Vegan Cheese

February 7, 2022 Pleese® Foods 

With National Pizza Day approaching on Feb. 9, Pleese® plant-based cheese is quickly becoming the vegan cheese of choice for chefs and pizza-shop owners in New York and beyond. Created by co-founders Kobi and Abev Regev after the couple went vegan several years ago and missed the taste of their favorite NYC pizzas, Pleese® offers an all-natural product that is kosher and free of soy, nuts, dairy, or gluten. And best of all — it tastes absolutely amazing. 

5 Best Vegan Cheese 2021, as Determined by Consumers from Europe, the Middle East and Africa

October 4, 2021 abillion

abillion, the vegan review platform and social network has released its awards for 2021’s 5 Best Vegan Cheese, as determined by members in Europe, the Middle East & Africa, as well as the global list of The World’s 10 Best Vegan Cheese.

Feel Foods Ltd. Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Vegan Cheese Company “Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze”

September 23, 2021 Feel Foods Ltd.

Black Sheep was co-founded in 2017 by a vegan husband and wife team from Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada’s cheese capital with a mantra that; eliminating dairy is not only for the numerous health benefits but also because of the cruelty that happens in the dairy industry, not to mention the environmental impact.