Brands dosa by DOSA, Pariva, Tres Lecheria and Wheyward Spirit Win $50,000 from California Milk Advisory Board and VentureFuel

Startups dosa by DOSA, Pariva, Tres Lecheria and Wheyward Spirit claimed victory last night at the 2022 Real California Milk Excelerator: Open Innovation Final Pitch Event. Created by the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) and innovation advisory VentureFuel, the competition is designed to identify, curate and accelerate innovation in dairy-based products, from consumer food and beverages to textiles and beyond. The four cohort winners will each receive $50,000 in resources and funding to scale their products in California and will compete for an additional $100,000 in support based on continued performance.

New York MilkLaunch Powered by VentureFuel Announces the Winner of the 2022 New York State Dairy Competition

NY MilkLaunch, a dairy-based product innovation accelerator focused on fueling demand for dairy among Gen-Z consumers in New York State, has selected SPYLT as the winner of its second annual competition. SPYLT has been awarded $150,000 worth of support to scale its product in the market.

4th Annual CMAB and VentureFuel “Open Innovation” Competition Finalists Highlight Dairy as an Ingredient

The California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) announced eight finalists in the Real California Milk Excelerator, a partnership with innovation consultancy VentureFuel. The program is focused on identifying, curating, and accelerating dairy-based products – including traditional consumer food and beverage items, textiles and beyond. The competition will award up to $500,000 in prizes for startups that introduce novel benefits and drive use of California milk and dairy in formulations.

New York MilkLaunch, a Venturefuel Program, Announces Finalists for 2nd Competition

The New York State Dairy Promotion Order and VentureFuel, innovation consultancy and partner, announced the finalists for this year’s New York MilkLaunch startup competition. The competition, which aims to fuel demand for dairy among Gen-Z (10-23 year olds), offers over $200,000 in total awards as well as elite mentorship to accelerate these innovative new products.

California Milk Advisory Board’s Real California Milk Excelerator, Powered by VentureFuel, Launches Quest for New Dairy Innovation

The California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) today announced the return of its annual dairy innovation competition for the fourth year running. This year’s Real California Milk Excelerator, created in partnership with innovation consultancy VentureFuel, brings a new, expansive focus to accelerate any dairy-based product – from traditional consumer food and beverage items to textiles, haircare, and beyond.