AeroFarms Takes Top Honors for Best Brand Marketing for Its Innovative FlavorSpectrum Philosophy

September 21, 2022 AeroFarms

AeroFarms®, a Certified B Corporation and the pioneer in vertical farming, is announced as a four-time finalist and the winner of the Best Brand Marketing category at yesterday’s 2022 Vertical Farming Awards. Winning with consumers and industry, AeroFarms is the number one retail brand for both unit and dollar sales in the United States for microgreens according to Nielsen syndicated data.*     

Over 20 Vertical Farming Companies Commit to a Sustainable Food System

September 21, 2022 Bowery

Leading vertical farming companies signed the first Vertical Farming Manifesto and Identity – both clear and bold industry standards. They highlight the impact and contribution the industry intends to make to transform current food systems and help to solve one of humanity’s toughest challenges of providing food for a growing population in a sustainable, circular way.

Bowery Farming Expands Product Offerings with Ready-to-Eat Salad Kits

September 16, 2022 Bowery Farming

Bowery, the largest vertical farming company in the U.S, announces today the launch of salad kits, expanding product offerings into the ready-to-eat category. With the introduction of three salad kit flavors featuring forkable greens, bold flavor, and crunchy toppings from pepitas to parm crisps, Bowery is elevating the grab-and-go salad experience.

Vertical Farming Facility in the Works for Howard County, Maryland

A nearly 200,000 square-foot fresh produce growing center and more than 50 new jobs are coming to Maryland, according to a recent announcement by Infarm.

Future Crops Moves to 100% Renewable Energy

June 8, 2022 Future Crops

Future Crops, Ltd., has taken its vertical farm a further step off the grid by shifting to reliance on 100% renewable energy. Harnessing the natural green powers of solar and wind energy, the company also is solving the primary hurdle to bringing the industry to a substantially greater carbon-neutral position, all while advancing its sustainability goals.