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Monrovia: How to Make Summer Last Longer in the Garden

June 9, 2021 Monrovia

Choosing plants that look beautiful longer through the season can help extend the amount of enjoyment you get out of your garden. Here are a few unexpected and exclusive Monrovia varieties that add interest to late season garden and look great well into fall.

It’s Viburnum Season at Sun Valley

April 28, 2021 Sun Valley Group

Growing in the mountains always mean the potential for big temperature swings but this year the temperature has been especially erratic and pushed our Viburnum harvest back several weeks. At long last, we have a bountiful harvest of these colorful stems!”

Sun Valley Group: Feel the Viburnum

Sun Valley’s Viburnum Season is just kicking off. These mop-topped beauties signal that spring has truly arrived at our farm in Willow Creek, CA.