Mom Approved Snack Boards: Village Farms’ Moms Recommend Flavor Forward Varieties to Celebrate This Mothers Day

May 6, 2022 Village Farms

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend and you may be thinking about ways to make the day a special one for Mom. How about creating a snack board customized to Mom’s taste for a perfectly delicious way to celebrate the Day?  Village Farms would like to share with you some of their favorite snack board ideas featuring all of the flavor forward greenhouse grown specialty tomato, pepper and cucumber varieties the company grows, along with a menagerie of other unique ingredients Moms love. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. And How Sustainable Packaging is Evolving Our Ideals

July 13, 2021 Village Farms

The challenge to find environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic has increased in urgency. Sustainable packaging solutions that ensure the safety and shelf life of a product are also key. Village Farms has been working for several years now to develop and test packaging that can remain out of landfills.

Village Farms Bee-Lives In Doing Good With IPM

June 11, 2021 Village Farms

Among Indoor farmers, especially hydroponic greenhouse growers, and more specifically high-tech Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), such as the type of farming Village Farms growers engage, an IPM program was developed and implemented with great success in the greenhouse industry thanks in large part to the contribution of Village Farms.

Village Farms Greenhouse Grown Welcomes Eric Janke to the Company’s Senior Management Team

June 3, 2021 Village Farms

Village Farms Greenhouse Grown is pleased to announce Eric Janke has joined the company as Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, effective June 1, 2021. Mr. Janke will be responsible for the overall productivity and effectiveness of the company’s produce business’ Sales, Marketing, and Fulfillment teams, working in the company’s Lake Mary, Florida corporate offices.

Village Farms Sponsors Produce For Kids | Publix Campaign in Support of Feeding America

May 27, 2021 Village Farms

Village Farms is pleased to take part once again in the annual effort with Produce for Kids, and its valued retail partner Publix, in support of Feeding America. Feeding America is the nation’s leading hunger-relief organization, that helps 1 in 7 Americans and provides 4.3 billion meals annually to those facing hunger or are food insecure.