Hofmann Sausage Company Expands Southeastern U.S. Distribution

September 22, 2022 Hofmann Sausage Company

Hofmann Sausage Company announces that Walmart has added distribution in Florida. Hofmann Natural Casing German Brand Franks and Natural Casing Snappy Grillers are now available in eighty-eight Florida stores located in central Florida including Tampa/St. Petersburg and Orlando markets.

Walmart Announces Equity Investment in Sustainable Beef LLC To Provide More High-Quality, Affordable Beef to Shoppers

September 1, 2022 Walmart

Walmart and Sustainable Beef LLC announced that Walmart signed an agreement to acquire a minority stake in Sustainable Beef LLC, a rancher-owned company based in North Platte, Nebraska. Walmart’s equity investment is part of a broader strategic partnership to source top-quality angus beef from Sustainable Beef LLC’s new beef processing facility. This partnership helps supplement the current beef industry and provides additional opportunities for ranchers to increase their business. As part of the investment, Walmart will also have representation on Sustainable Beef’s board.

DoorDash is ending its Delivery Partnership With Walmart

August 26, 2022 Aisha Malik, TechCrunch

Sources familiar with the matter told Insider that DoorDash decided to end its partnership with Walmart because it was no longer mutually beneficial and because the delivery company wanted to focus on “its long-term customer relationships.”

Walmart+ Members Can Now Save More with Walmart Rewards

August 25, 2022 Walmart

At Walmart, everything we do is in service of the customer. Sam Walton used to say, “Give customers what they want, and a little more.” This is our ambition with Walmart+ — to offer a suite of benefits and services that are additive for our members. And as the needs of our members evolve, we evolve right alongside them. Because a relentless focus on ‘a little more’ is our path to unlocking exponential value.

Walmart Announces Acquisition of Volt Systems to Fortify Store Insights and Decisioning

August 11, 2022 Walmart

Walmart is acquiring Volt Systems, a technology company that provides suppliers with enhanced on-demand visibility into merchandising resources. The application delivers current store-level data, actionable analytics, and shelf intelligence for suppliers to plan, forecast, and optimize product assortment.