WAPA Releases March’s Apple and Pear Stock Figures

WAPA, the World Apple and Pear Association, released today the apple and pear stock figures from 1 March 2022. The figures show that in Europe apple stocks increased by 8.6% compared to 2021 to reach 2,935,962 T, while pear stocks decreased by 14.9% to 388,495 T. In the USA, apple stocks as of 1 March 2022 stood at 1,275,346 T (+1.6% compared to 2021), while pear stocks reached 111,912 T (37.7% above 2021).

World Apple And Pear Association (WAPA) Presents Annual Southern Hemisphere Crop Forecast

On the occasion of its Annual General Meeting, the World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) has released the Southern Hemisphere apple and pear crop forecast for the upcoming season. According to the forecast, which consolidates the data from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand, and South Africa, apple and pear production is estimated to decrease by 7% and 6% respectively in 2022 compared to the previous year.

WAPA Releases an Update of The Northern Hemisphere Apple and Pear Crop

WAPA, the World Apple and Pear Association, released today the updated Northern Hemisphere Apple and Pear Crop Forecast. As crops have now been fully harvested since the first figures were released in August 2021, minor adjustments were made in different countries, although the new estimates are still in line with the original forecast. As the Northern Hemisphere season is getting into full swing, stocks depletion figures will be provided as well by the Association. To complete the review, the Southern Hemisphere crop 2021 was also updated.  

Prognosfruit 2021 Releases its Annual Apple and Pear Crop Forecast, Showing a 10% Increase in Apple Production and a 28% Decrease for Pears

Prognosfruit’s 2021 European apple and pear crop forecast revealed that while apple production is set to increase by 10%, the upcoming pear crop is expected to decrease by 28%. On 5 August 2021, more than 150 international representatives from the apple and pear sector joined the Prognosfruit 2021 Online Conference, the second virtual edition of the event in its 46 years, to discuss the 2021 production forecast for apples and pears.

World Apple and Pear Association Elects its new Presidency Team During its Annual General Meeting

The meeting also decided that given the on-going sanitary uncertainties, Prognosfruit 2021 will take place online on 5th August 2021, postponing the physical meeting in Serbia to 2022.