Now 75, Hanan Products “Hires” New Robot to Help With the Heavy Lifting

September 7, 2021 Hanan Products Co.

Hanan Products, a pioneer in the wholesale whipped topping, icing, and dessert filling sector, and the original creator of Tasty Whip, announces a new addition to its Long Island, NY facility – a robot named Hugo that picks and stacks heavy boxes. The fast, accurate, and efficient giant robotic arm does the heavy lifting, so Hanan’s staff doesn’t have to complete this step in the manufacturing/packing process. Moreover, it will help Hanan meet an increased demand for its products.

Rosica Communications Wins Hanan Products’ Business

October 28, 2020 Hanan Products Company

Hanan Products and Rosica Communications have announced a partnership for Rosica to provide PR and marketing communications services to Hanan, a third-generation manufacturer of premium whipped toppings, icings, and fillings for bakeries, restaurant, and supermarkets around the world.