Salsa God Solves Snacking Problem for Millions of Americans – Invents Grab & Go Chips & Salsa Combo Pack

Fort Worth, TX – Salsa God is announcing the release of its newest product, the Grab & Go Chips & Salsa Combo Pack, thus solving a snacking problem suffered by millions of Americans – how to eat chips and salsa on the go.  Salsa God invented the Combo Pack by combining a 3oz bag of crunchy, white corn tortilla chips and a 4oz cup of smoky, fire-roasted medium heat salsa in one convenient grab-and-go package.

“We believe that the tortilla chip stands alone as the best way to enjoy salsa on the go, so we decided to create this product with our customer’s in mind.  Why a product like this hasn’t been created before baffled me, so over the course of the past year, I sought to develop a grab-and-go snack that would offer Salsa God customers a hearty, filling snack with both tortilla chips and salsa in one package,”  said Danny Mayans, Chief Amigo of Salsa God. 

Salsa God’s Grab & Go Chips & Salsa Combo Pack is available (or will soon be available) in retailers across the country including:, Bartell Drugs, Hilton Hotels (Midtown Manhattan Location), LeanBox, IAH Houston Airport and EWR Newark Airport convenience stores and many more! 

About Salsa God

Salsa God is a better-for-you snack brand food company specializing in Mexican salsas, tortilla chips and other Hispanic food products.  Salsa God products can be found in retailers around the country including: Whole Foods Markets, H-E-B Grocery Stores, Albertsons, Safeway, Harris Teeter and others.  For more information on Salsa God and its products, please go to, email the company at [email protected] or call 1.844.SALSAGOD (1.844.725.7246).