CMI Orchards Announces Strong Start to Northwest Cherry Season

June 17, 2021 CMI Orchards

Excellent weather conditions, including an absence of significant frost events, have contributed to outstanding quality, great sizing, and 17% growth of this year’s crop as compared to 2020.

Concord Foods Introduces Wrapples

June 17, 2021 Concord Foods

Concord Foods, one of the largest manufacturers of caramel in the U.S., is proud to introduce Wrapples® from Concord Foods. Wrapples® is the perfect addition to apple displays this Halloween and fall season.

Frieda’s Limited-Edition Angelcots Have Arrived!

The highly coveted, always anticipated Angelcot® season has begun, and this year we celebrate the labor of love that gives this unique varietal its rosy glow.

New Jersey Peach Growers Focus on Thinning to Produce Large Fruit

Big peaches are what most the fruit buyers and consumers demand, New Jersey growers are thinning now to produce peaches to meet that demand.

Oppy Sales Leader to Retire

June 17, 2021 Oppy

Jeff Walker, long time Houston, Texas-based sales manager for the leading grower, marketer and distributor, will hang up his hat at the end of the month.