Perfect Bar Navigates Shoppers to Real, Fresh Food in New ‘Perfect Impostor’ Campaign

June 13, 2024 Perfect Snacks

Perfect Bar created a look alike protein bar, complete with its own GPS, to guide shoppers to where the freshest products live – the fridge.  

The Peanut Institute: 5 Ways to Care for Your Brain: Debunking the 10% Myth

June 13, 2024 The Peanut Institute

There’s a persistent myth that claims humans use only 10 percent of their brain. While it’s widely circulated, it’s entirely false. The fact is science has confirmed people use their entire brain every day. And, the brain doesn’t take a rest at night. Some parts become even more active during sleep.

DiSilva Fruit Anticipates Robust Imported Summer Citrus Season for 2024

June 13, 2024 DiSilva Fruit

DiSilva Fruit is excited to announce a promising summer citrus season, perfect for refreshing on hot summer days! Running from June through October, this year’s offerings will include a diverse array of high-quality citrus: Navels from South Africa and Chile, Mandarins from Peru, Uruguay, South Africa, and Chile, and Lemons from Argentina, Chile, and Mexico.

Partnership for a Healthier America and The Foundation for Fresh Produce Join Forces to Host First-Ever Produce for All Leadership Summit

Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) and the International Fresh Produce Association’s Foundation for Fresh Produceco-hosted the first-ever Produce for All Leadership Summit at the Grand Hyatt in Washington DC. This invite-only event gathered 130 leaders from across the business, public, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors to share knowledge and create an actionable plan to double produce consumption in communities around the United States.

Side Delights Offers Shoppers Solutions as Consumer Dining Habits Drive Breakfast and Brunch Trends at Home

As brunch experiences a revival in cities across the U.S., Side Delights® responds with cost-effective, healthy potato products and recipes for a social media-worthy meal for the morning or any time of day.