Good Planet Foods Introduces New Plant-Based Cream Cheese

January 17, 2020

Good Planet TM Foods introduced its new plant-based Cream Cheese that’s better than the real thing.

Promotion Encourages Consumers to Buy New Hampshire’s Own Milk

January 17, 2020 Jennifer Crompton, WMUR

An effort is underway to save New Hampshire’s dairy farms by encouraging consumers to buy local products.

Dairy Goat Production on the Rise in Iowa

January 17, 2020 Iowa State Extension

Iowa currently ranks third in the nation for total milking goats, with the inventory up three percent from January 2018 standing at 32,000 dairy goats and 217 licensed dairies.

fairlife Launches New Line of Real Dairy Coffee Creamers, Aims to Perk Up Coffee Scene

January 16, 2020 fairlife

fairlife, LLC has debuted fairlife® creamers, its latest line of premium products made with ultra-filtered milk. Best known for creating fairlife ultra-filtered milk, an innovative beverage that helped to usher in a new era of value-added ultra-filtered dairy products with more nutrition, fairlife is now extending its dairy credentials into creamers.

How to Know Where Your Milk is From

January 16, 2020 Kreider Farms

One fact about milk and other dairy products today is that these drinks and foods sometimes make very long journeys from the milking parlor to your grocery store’s shelves. While the short answer to “where is my milk from?” is “dairy cows,” it’s a little more complicated than that.