BakeMark Introduces Innovation With its All-New Mauisada Mix

June 2, 2020 BakeMark

BakeMark announces the launch of a new, innovative bakery mix – the Mauisada™ Mix, to be listed under its Westco® flagship brand. This new bakery mix enables bakery operators to create the traditional Hawaiian sweet treat and other varieties, with only the addition of water and yeast.

At a New Jersey Allergy Friendly & Gluten Free Bakery, Labels Mean Everything

June 2, 2020 Gluten Free Gloriously

At Gluten Free Gloriously, labels mean everything. Between dealing with consumers that suffer from Celiac Disease to consumers that are highly anaphylactic to certain ingredients, reading and relying on the trust of labels is a lifeline to most of our customers.

Part Science, Part Art, the Allure of Sourdough Bread is Rising in Utah and Across the Nation During the Pandemic

Whatever the reason, baking sourdough bread has become one of the new pastimes of the pandemic. Add it to the list next to planting a garden and raising backyard chickens.

Flour Company Knappen Milling Rolls Out COVID Relief and Expands Business

June 1, 2020 K102.5

When like hands you lemons… Knappen Milling was able to restock empty store shelves with flour and grow their business in a whole new way.

NYC Company Buys Nearly 100 Beleaguered Le Pain Quotidien Outposts for $ 3M

Struggling bakery and cafe chain Le Pain Quotidien has sold all of its 98 United States locations for just $ 3 million to New York-based food brand Aurify, which operates other fast-casual spots like the Melt Shop, Fields Good Chicken, and the NYC locations of Five Guys