Barry Callebaut’s Journey Towards 100% Sustainable Chocolate

In 2016 we launched Forever Chocolate, our plan to make sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025. We asked Massimo Selmo, Global Head of Sourcing at Barry Callebaut, how the Group is progressing on its 100% sustainable chocolate target, as well as the challenges that lie ahead.

Tartine Bread now Available at Whole Foods in LA, but not SF

December 5, 2019 Madeline Wells, SFGATE

Tartine Bakery has announced you can now find its bread at select Whole Foods Markets locations — but they’re all in Los Angeles.

Legendary Baker Daniel Leader Talks Bread, but not Bread Alone

Leader, founder of the iconic artisanal bakery Bread Alone in New York’s Catskill Mountains, has poignant, long-time ties to Maine that drew him back here, and he envisions baking occasionally with his friend Tim Semler at Tinder Hearth Bakery in Brooksville.

American Bakers Association Announces Two New Government Relations Staff

December 4, 2019 American Bakers Association

The American Bakers Association is happy to announce two new Government Relations staff members: Lauren Williams, Director of Government Relations and Zack Decker, Government Relations Manager.

Barry Callebaut publishes Forever Chocolate Progress Report 2018/19

December 4, 2019 Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut announced today that in fiscal year 2018/19 it sourced 47% of the cocoa and 54% of the other ingredients it uses sustainably. This sourcing achievement is highlighted in Barry Callebaut’s Forever Chocolate Progress Report 2018/19, its third progress report since the launch of its Forever Chocolate plan in 2016, tracking the Group’s progress towards making sustainable chocolate the norm.