BelGioioso Cheese Expanding Again in Glenville

The Green Bay, Wisconsin-based company will build a 4,000-square-foot addition at its main plant in the Glenville Business and Technology Park and renovate an additional 60,000 square feet in what’s known as Building 403.

Vegan ‘Cheese’ Market Booms as Demand Grows

November 23, 2022 Suzanne Bearne, BBC

As a teenager, Brad Vanstone used to help out on his grandparents’ dairy farm in Devon during the holidays.
But in an unexpected twist, decades later he now has quite a contrasting career running a vegan cheese-substitute business.

Rise of Charcuterie Has Businesses Bringing in the Cheddar

Part art project, part meal prep, charcuterie is typically a combination of cheeses, meats and crackers or bread, arranged on a shared plate, Chad Halbrook, general manager for Postino Winecafe on Broadway in Denver, said. 

British Cheesemaker Sells Company to Overcome Brexit Barriers

November 22, 2022 Kerem Congar, Yahoo News

After Brexit and leaving the EU marketplace, many UK firms were faced with financial problems.

Carolina Pride Introduces New Chicken Breast Lunchmeats

November 21, 2022 Carolina Pride

Carolina Pride, a leading regional producer of Bacon, Hot Dogs, Sausage and Lunchmeats, is introducing four new Chicken Breast lunchmeat items under their Carolina Pride Meats brand. The varieties are: 95% Fat-Free Chicken Breast and 95% Fat-Free Honey Smoked Chicken Breast. Each variety will be available in 4-oz, 4×4 peggable packages, and 10-oz, 4×6 packages.