Every Day is Earth Day at Publix

LAKELAND, Fla. — Green is more than the color of the Publix logo. It also represents the company’s commitment to the environment and being responsible citizens in the communities it serves, not just on Earth Day but every day.

“We are committed to environmental sustainability year-round and are excited to have launched Publix Serves Week and our inaugural Good Together environmental campaign, making it easy for customers and associates to give back,” said Publix CEO Kevin Murphy. “We want to meet today’s needs while being mindful of what’s essential for tomorrow. Each of our volunteers and every donation made at checkout make a difference.”

Volunteering in the communities Publix serves

Nearly 7,500 Publix associates are volunteering in their communities during Publix Serves Week, which began over the weekend and runs through April 27. The week’s volunteer activities are primarily focused on the environment. Publix associates are getting the chance to volunteer with organizations that support environmental sustainability efforts, many of which are intended to help improve water sources.

Sustainability initiatives

Throughout the year, Publix’s focus on environmental sustainability extends outside of its stores and into the communities it serves by supporting organizations that are making a difference for our planet.

The company’s focus on water stewardship includes restoration initiatives through the National Park Foundation (NPF) to remove invasive trees, which help restore freshwater flows into the Florida Bay, and with the National Audubon Society in the Florida Everglades to remove invasive trees and shrubs, which help increase the amount of clean water available to surrounding communities.

Publix is supporting ocean conservation efforts through a new initiative with FORCE BLUE to fund its Quick Reaction Force team, which responds to emergency events affecting Florida’s coastal and marine environments. Publix also supports coral reef restoration through projects with NPF, as well as sustainable seafood and bycatch reduction through its support of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership.

Since 2016, Publix has supported reforestation efforts in Florida through its collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation and is expanding those efforts to its other operating states through the Good Together environmental campaign.

Donation opportunity

Publix associates and customers can get involved by contributing to Publix’s Good Together environmental campaign. Donations can be made at checkout through April 28.

In Florida, donations will support coastal conservation efforts through NPF and FORCE BLUE. In Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, funds raised will support reforestation projects through the Arbor Day Foundation.

Publix, the largest employee-owned company in the U.S. with more than 255,000 associates, currently operates 1,376 stores in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky. For 27 consecutive years, the company has been recognized by Fortune as a great place to work. In addition, Publix’s dedication to superior quality and customer service is recognized among the top in the grocery business. For more information, visit the company’s newsroom at corporate.publix.com/newsroom.