American Industrial Partners to Acquire Aker Biomarine’s Feed Ingredients Business

July 21, 2024 Aker BioMarine

Krill is one of the largest and most robust biomasses in the ocean and is increasingly recognized as a highly valuable ingredient in aquaculture feed due to its nutrient dense properties, which are hard to replicate synthetically.

Matthew Mayfield Appointed to Mississippi Advisory Commission on Marine Resources (MACMR) 

Gov. Tate Reeves has appointed Matthew Mayfield to the Mississippi Advisory Commission on Marine Resources (MACMR) representing commercial fishermen.

MDMR Gear Reimbursement Program For Skimmer Trawl Turtle Excluder Device On Commercial Vessels Ends July 31, 2024

Through the program fishermen may be reimbursed for NOAA-approved TEDs installed on their commercial vessels. The TED rule, which took effect Aug. 1, 2021, requires all shrimp skimmer trawl vessels 40 feet and greater in length to install and use TEDs designed to exclude small sea turtles in their nets.

Rabobank Senior Seafood Analyst Gorjan Nikolik Sees Promising Indicators for Farmed Shrimp and Salmon

Gorjan Nikolik, senior analyst at Rabobank, explained that demand growth for both salmon and shrimp in the second half of 2024 remains uncertain, but there is optimism for both markets as Western economies recover.

Merck Animal Health Completes Acquisition of Elanco’s Aqua Business

July 18, 2024 Merck Animal Health

As a result of the acquisition, Merck Animal Health now owns innovative products such as CLYNAV®, a new generation DNA-based vaccine that protects Atlantic salmon against pancreas disease and IMVIXA®, an anti-parasitic sea lice treatment and water treatment products for warm water production, complementing Merck Animal Health’s vaccine portfolio.