FDA: Restaurants and Retailers in TX, LA Stop Selling or Serving Topway Enterprises Inc. DBA Kazy’s Gourmet Seafood Products

July 19, 2019 FDA

The FDA advises restaurants and food retailers that have received Topway Enterprise Inc. RTE seafood products to clean and sanitize the surfaces that these products were served, stored, or prepared on.

Son of Casey’s Founder Pleads Guilty in Blue Crab Seafood Fraud Case

It was earlier this year that the founder of a Newport News fishing wholesaling company was sentenced for passing off foreign crab meat as American blue crab from U.S. waters. Now one of his sons — 42-year-old Michael P. Casey of Poquoson — has been ensnared in the same case.

Commercially Caught Wild American Shrimp From Gulf of Mexico Remain Safe to Eat

“The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (MDMR) is continuing to test water and fish samples to ensure seafood safety in Mississippi waters,” said MDMR Executive Director Joe Spraggins. “MDMR is advising fishermen to avoid catching seafood in waters where algae is present. Thus far, the water samples tested by MDMR and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have not shown toxin levels high enough to warrant concern for consumption of local seafood.”

GAPP Announces First-Ever Wild Alaska Pollock Annual Meeting

In order to continue to grow and serve the mission to increase demand for and raise awareness of Wild Alaska Pollock, the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) announced today that they will host the organization’s first-ever industry-wide Annual Meeting on October 29, 2019 in Seattle.

Full Schedule Announced for 8th Annual Boston Seafood Festival

The 8th Annual Boston Seafood Festival is proud to announce its 2019 schedule of events, which includes music, education, and cultural performances throughout the day.