Twelve of Carlos Rafael’s Vessels Officially Sold to Blue Harvest

The boxing match over a large portion of the Codfather’s fleet with its counter punches and knockouts has come to an end and Blue Harvest Fisheries is left standing to take its victory lap.

ASC Shrimp Standard Recognized by Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative

The ASC’s Shrimp Standard has been recognised by the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI), a seafood certification industry benchmark.

GFI’s Sustainable Seafood Initiative Announces New Strategic Partnership and Grantees

GFI created the Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SSI) in early 2019. SSI’s goal is to ensure that sustainable and ethical seafood makes it to consumers’ plates as soon as possible.

Company Seeks $ 5M to Create Hundreds of Jobs at Land-Based Fish Farm in Miami-Dade

February 19, 2020 South Florida Business Journal

A land-based salmon farming company in Miami-Dade County is seeking up to $ 5 million in local incentives to expand its facility and create more than 200 jobs.

Gulf Fishermen and Kerian Machines Develop Groundbreaking Head-on Grader for Shrimp Boats

February 18, 2020 Ed Lallo, Gulf Seafood News

Sitting on the frozen plains of North Dakota 50-miles from the Canadian boarder, a family-owned business has been enlisted by Gulf fishermen to develop a new method to grade by size head-on shrimp while still on the boat. The new shrimp grader will allow fishermen to better compete with imports, putting the quality consumers demand ahead of price.