U.S. Per Capita Availability of Red Meat, Poultry, and Seafood on the Rise

After falling from 148.6 pounds in 2004 to 133.5 pounds in 2014, the per capita supply of red meat, poultry, and fish/shellfish available for Americans to eat after adjusting for losses rose to 143.9 pounds in 2017. Red meat (beef, pork, veal, and lamb) accounted for 51 percent of 2017’s 143.9-pound total, compared with 42 percent for poultry (chicken and turkey) and 7 percent for fish and shellfish.

H&L Achieves Gold Sustainability Rating from Natural Grocers

December 3, 2019 EcoFish, Inc.

100% of Henry & Lisa’s seafood products are certified sustainable either by the MSC (wild) or ASC (farmed). Henry & Lisa’s canned and frozen seafood can be found in all of Natural Grocer’s more than 150+ stores in 19 states.

Blue Star Foods Corp. Announces Acquisition of Coastal Pride Company

December 3, 2019 Blue Star Foods Corp.

Blue Star Foods Corp. has acquired Coastal Pride Company, Inc. (“Coastal Pride”), a seafood company that specializes in importing pasteurized and fresh crabmeat primarily from Mexico and Latin America and selling premium branded label crabmeat to a diversified customer base throughout North America.

‘If We Meet the Requirement, We’ll be Able to Open Dec. 16’: Oregon Crab Season Hinges on Tests

December 3, 2019 Lauren Negrete, NBC 16

“These tests are to make sure the consumer is getting the best Oregon Dungeness crab that we can possibly deliver,” explained Tim Novotny with the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission.

Fisheries and Fishermen Hard Hit by Decline of Oysters On Gulf Coast

December 2, 2019 DEBBIE ELLIOTT, WJCT

Record flooding on the Mississippi River sent too much fresh water into the Gulf of Mexico, killing oysters and crippling other seafood harvests that depend on saltwater to survive.