Coronavirus: How it Affects Norwegian Seafood Exports

The Norwegian Seafood Council receives many requests from media and industry about how the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic affects Norwegian seafood exports and the operations of the Norwegian Seafood Council. As there are many uncertainties and the situation is constantly evolving, we have created this page to give regular updates and analysis.

IPNLF Welcomes Camerican International

The global food sourcing company furthers its commitment to providing US consumers with sustainable tuna by becoming a Member of the International Pole & Line Foundation.

Fish Prices Plummet as Coronavirus Pandemic Cripples Industry and Idles Boats

As the coronavirus pandemic ripples through Hawaii’s economy, the state’s fishing industry is taking a severe hit.

Crawfish Farmers Urged Not to Drain Ponds Yet Despite Drop in Sales

Crawfish producer Allen McLain’s business has dropped dramatically because of the coronavirus’ impact on the restaurant business.

Virus Outbreak Hits Louisiana Shrimp Industry Hard

March 31, 2020 Colin Campo, Houma Today

Regulations and foreign trade have battered local shrimpers for years, and the economic quagmire caused by Covid-19 is only adding to the problems.