LCA Shows Balanced Environmental Results for Produce Container Systems

The Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA) released a new life cycle assessment (LCA) of produce packaging which shows neither corrugated containers nor reusable plastic containers (RPC), have an advantage in all environmental impact categories.

AgroFresh Strengthens Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

June 24, 2019 AgroFresh

AgroFresh is positioning itself to further deliver on its mission to extend shelf life of the best-tasting produce, prevent food waste and conserve our planet’s resources. As part of AgroFresh’s formalized commitment, the company commissioned an independent U.S.-focused study on the impact of its SmartFresh™ solution to date.

Produce For Kids Awarded Best International Initiative For Marketing Fresh Produce To Children

June 21, 2019 Produce for Kids®

On June 6,Produce for Kids was the first place recipient of the Best International Initiative for Marketing Fresh Produce to Children in 2019 for the Power Your Lunchbox program at this year’s The London Produce Show and Conference.

Fully Integrated Retail Programs at Nearly 3,000 Grocery Stores During American Heart Month Lead to 17% Lift in California Walnut Sales

The California Walnut Board celebrated American Heart Month in February 2019 with an expanded, fully integrated retail marketing campaign, driving an impressive 17% increase in unit sales for walnuts across participating markets.

Stemilt Makes Cherry Packing The Ultimate Experience

June 21, 2019 Stemilt Growers

“This is huge” is often the first words that come out of people’s mouths when they see Stemilt Grower’s new cherry line, the Ultimate Cherry Line. Adoption of this high-tech packing line offers more flexibility to the cherry grower through automated packaging options and increased capacity for moving volume.