Fresh Cut Flowers On Canada Border Services Agency's List Of 'Verification Priorities'

International Trade is central to Canada's economic prosperity. To facilitate high volumes of trade, the CBSA relies on the voluntary compliance of importers. To assess actual compliance levels, the CBSA conducts post-release verifications (audits) of imported goods. Those verifications may be triggered one of two ways:

1) Random Verification: CBSA conducts random reviews of importer's records in a variety of industries for various issues (classification, valuation, origin, etc.). They use these results for many purposes, one of which is to determine their “Verification Priorities" for the year (i.e. where the most 'risk' is).

2) Identified “Verification Priorities": Areas of risk as determined in the random verification results, together with other intelligence information. In other words….where CBSA thinks the most errors are occurring and where the most risk lies.

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