Your Local Butcher Is The New Rock Star

Corey Meyer remembers being a little boy, sweeping the floor at the butcher shop
owned by his father. Meyer had his own apron, and he used to get his dad to
splash some blood on it, so that the little boy could act more like his father.

Flash forward a quarter century, and Meyer, 33, has his own little boy running
around behind the counter at Acme Meat Market, the butcher shop on 76th Avenue
and 95th Street that Meyer purchased from longtime owner Jack Eldridge in 2007.
Even as some local small butchers have closed, and major grocery stores have
moved toward centralized cutting and boxing of meat (meaning less need for
butchers at individual stores), Meyers feels positive about prospects for his

“The sentiment was that meat cutting was a dying trade,” says Meyers, who
graduated from the retail meat cutting program at NAIT in 1996. “But I thought
(the Eldridge family) had carved out a nice niche for themselves and it’s been
pretty good.”

Photo Caption: Corey Meyer, a butcher who took over Acme Meats a couple of years
ago, thinks butchery is an up-and-coming business.

Photo Credit: Greg Southam, The Journal, Edmonton Journal

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