Winners of the “Best Ever” 2022 AAS Display Garden Landscape Design Challenge

November 1, 2022 All America Selections

All-America Selections’ 2022 Landscape Design Challenge certainly struck a chord with this year’s theme. AAS asked their Display Gardens to use their AAS Winning flowers and plants in and around a theme of “Games in the Garden” and the gardens certainly produced! The excitement was palpable as each garden described how they came up with their ideas and how they executed them for their garden visitors. As several gardens stated, “This was the best theme ever!”

Winners of the 2021 AAS Display Garden Landscape Design Challenge Provide Heart-Warming Stories of Diversity

November 2, 2021 All-America Selections

All-America Selections’ 2021 Landscape Design Challenge theme was Diversity in the Garden, inspiring the AAS Display Gardens with a platform to create their own diverse garden using the resources they choose to represent the theme.