Humfeld, Korson honored by Minor Crop Farmer Alliance

January 14, 2020 Minor Crop Farmer Alliance

The Minor Crop Farmer Alliance honored Phil Korson of Cherry Marketing Institute and Terry Humfeld of Cranberry Institute on Dec. 17, as both men retired from their respective positions at year’s end.

Dan Botts Lauded for his Service to MCFA, Specialty Crop Producers

December 20, 2018 Minor Crop Farmer Alliance

Leaders, colleagues and friends from industry, registrants and regulators gathered to recognize Botts for his longtime work to maintain specialty crop growers’ access to safe and effective crop protection tools. Since MCFA was formed in 1991, Botts has guided the work of its Technical Committee. That has included advocating for U.S. specialty crop growers on Capitol Hill and Pennsylvania Avenue, as well as with foreign governments and agencies that regulate international trade.