McGregor Plant Sales Unveils New Logo

February 28, 2011 McGregor Plant Sales

McGregor Plant Sales has rolled out a new logo designed to exemplify the companys leading-edge thinking while honoring its tradition of excellence.

Rhythm And Blues Petunia Is Dazzling

Rhythm and Blues petunia may forever change your mind on flowers with picotee edges. This riveting blue petunia is a stunner and will leave visiting neighbors aching in jealousy.

Calendula Is Overlooked Flower

There is no middle ground with Marigolds. Gardeners either love them or hate them, and even those who hate them plant them anyway because somewhere along the line, we were told they keep those big, ugly hornworms from attacking our tomato plants.

Are Flowers Still Relevant To The American Lifestyle?

If you ever wonder whether flowers are really relevant, just look into the eyes of a 12-year-old as she receives a bouquet. Look at the smile.

National Nutrition Month Highlights Karoun Dairies & The Mediterranean Diet

February 28, 2011 Karoun Dairies

You are what you eat. We have heard it a thousand times but for most of us it hasn’t translated to our diet and our lifestyles. Healthy diets equal a healthy body. The Mediterranean Diet focuses on natural healthy foods such as fresh vegetables, olive oil, citrus, and healthy dairy. Karoun Dairies ( delicious, natural and growth hormone-free Yanni Grilling Cheese is high in protein and lower in fat making it an ideal addition to our family’s meal plan.