Mild, Wet Winter Makes Crawfish Abundant Early

December 31, 2015 Karen Nelson, Sun Herald

Crawfish are plentiful early in the season. Prices are down. It's a great time to buy and eat.

How Maine's Long Lobster Fishing Season Is Affecting Scallop Prices

Many New England lobstermen are still fishing deep into December this year because of unseasonably warm weather and an abundance of the critters, and Maine’s beloved scallops are a little harder to come by as a result.

Fresh Dungeness Crab May Be On The Way From Oregon And Washington

December 31, 2015 Ryan Sabalow, Sacramento Bee

Expect to see deals on frozen Dungeness crab at local grocery stores this week, as freezers are emptied in anticipation of Oregon and Washington reopening a commercial crabbing season that had been closed for a month because of toxins in crab meat.

Antibiotic Stewardship: Update On New Regulations, What It Means For Industry

Antibiotic use in food-producing animals has become a topic of interest across food-producing animal industries as well as in consumer and regulatory arenas. Over time, the guidance to industry has evolved and this article captures the current guidance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the beef industry’s producer programs.

Whole Foods Market Experts Forecast 'Uncommon Meat' As A Top Food Trend For 2016

December 31, 2015 Whole Foods Market

Drawing on more than 100 years of combined industry experience, Whole Foods Market’s product experts have pinpointed 10 top food trends to watch in 2016. From “old-world” ingredients and new vino vehicles to emerging flavors and sourcing trends, this year’s forecast covers a lot of ground: