Asset Tracking Technology Reduces Loss of Bread Baskets for Bakery

CAMBRIDGE, England — Chalk Hills Bakery, Surrey, is using asset tracking and management system, itemit, to prevent the loss of its bread baskets. According to Chalk Hills Bakery, the vast majority of bread baskets used within the industry look almost identical, as many bakeries opt to purchase the most cost effective baskets available. The independent bakery makes multiple drop offs in a day and by consequence, it is very difficult to keep track of which baskets belong to them and ensure they receive the correct baskets back on collection. As a result of damaged, misplaced and lost bread baskets, Chalk Hills Bakery are exposed to potential losses of more than £2,000 per year.

The artisan bakery has teamed up with itemit to ensure it has greater clarity of which bread baskets they own, where they are and who has them. itemit is an asset tracking and management system that enables the bakery to monitor and keep track of these critical assets, via the itemit app and powerful desktop portal.

With itemit, assets, in this case bread baskets, are tagged using QR asset tags, which allow for quick and easy bread basket identification. A quick scan of a basket’s tag will display its unique record and update its location and record who has it. Additionally, asset tags act as an effective theft deterrent and cause others to treat them more responsibly as they are aware the assets whereabouts are being tracked and monitored.

Chris Robinson, Owner of Chalk Hills Bakery, says: “We needed more accountability and to protect our equipment. Putting a deposit on bread baskets would be a bureaucratic nightmare so we started using itemit and asset management instead.”

itemit is helping Chalk Hills Bakery to lose fewer bread baskets and save significant amounts of money and time.

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