Baking Legends: After a Lifetime of Rolling in Dough, Schmidt Can Retire

In baking, there are certain ingredients considered binding agents that act to hold together the other ingredients. Those substances draw others materials together to form one cohesive unit.

Mary and Dave Schmidt were those binding agents for many years at Abby’s Bakery in Wadena. The two were once the owners of the Wadena Bakery on Jefferson Street S., baking in their own businesses for 22 years in Wadena. They were later approached to be the bakers that would start Abby’s Bakery, a central baking system next to Mason Brothers that could distribute baked goods all over the Midwest.

“They took a chance on us,” Mary said. “It’s huge to think that Mason Brothers as a company was willing to take that on blind sided and just kind of roll with it,” Mary said.

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