Bridor Offers New Range Of Bread And Viennese Pastry

Bridor is committed to Organic Products

Bridor has been providing hotel and restaurant professionals with French-style, quality frozen bread and Viennese pastry for 20 years.

From its position of strength, Bridor now offers a new range of bread and Viennese pastry: Pure.

Pure by Bridor is the guarantee of frozen high-quality, organic-certified bread and Viennese pastry. In fact, 95% of the raw materials used in the composition of these bakery products are organic farm produce. Also, Pure by Bridor is AB-certified and also holds the European organic produce label.

The 140g organic BIO Baguettine, oven pre-baked

The Pure Baguettine is Bridor’s response to the expectations of hotel and restaurant professionals and aims to satisfy the growing demands of consumers for good, healthy, organic products.

Over 95% of the raw materials that make up the AB-certified, 140g organic Baguettine are from organic farm produce. In addition, it is made according to traditional baking precepts: slow kneading, rising, pre-baking on real stone, giving it a high level of baking quality – crustiness, the cream colour and consistency of the bread and its refined taste.

Also, the Baguettine gives professionals a lot of flexibility, allowing them to offer their clients fresh bread at all times, while keeping control of their costs and their stocks. The Baguettine format makes it ideal for table service and easy for making sandwiches.

And of course, using it is both quick and simple: Just 10 to 12 minutes cooking in a traditional oven, to obtain a bread of remarkable quality!

Organic Viennese pastry, pure butter, frozen and ready to cook

With this new range of organic Viennese pastry, Bridor brings pleasure, well-being and respect for the environment, while responding to consumer expectations for taste and natural products.

This new frozen range consists of 2 items:

  • The Pure croissant
  • The Pure pain au chocolat

The Pure croissant and the Pure pain au chocolat

Bridor Pure Viennese pastries are made from raw materials that are produced exclusively from organic farming, with no chemical fertilisers, pesticides or phytosanitary treatment. Also, they are made according to authentic environmentally-friendly recipes and traditional baking methods:

  • Authentic flaky pastry recipes
  • Correct treatment of the dough according to the “Stress-free” process
  • Slow folding, rolling and forming
  • Dough buns allowed to rest to intensify the natural production of aromas.

This is how Bridor brings taste and wellness together for pleasure and satisfaction!

70g frozen Pure croissant
Ready to bake
In 60-unit packs
Best before duration: 6 months
Cooking time: 18 to 20 min. at 170C

75g frozen Pure pain au chocolat
Ready to bake
In 64-unit packs
Best before duration: 6 months
Cooking time: 18 to 20 min. at 170C

Source: Bridor